What You Know

from by Ali Dineen

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It was winter when you
told your life you were leaving it
for warmer countries
And as you moved thru your days
with the spring coming on
you were tearing up roots, thinking soon you'd be gone
Somewhere else there were
miracles, carnivals, and a space in the air
only your bones could fill
And right here only emptiness, tragedy
cold days and nights
all the light far away, in some imagined place

We've got to start looking at what we pretend we cant see
it will save us, or it will break us
and you've got to stop telling yourself what you don't know
cuz you know what you know

Spring it brought madness and chaos and song
the wind growing warm, the days growing long
I watched the world blow through your mind
we stooped low to pick up what it left behind
Scattered stories of our country's childhood,
though we're deaf to their sounds
We're trying to stand up straight
but we don't know what's weighing us down


It was summer when we
learned that you might be leaving us
for warmer country
And as we moved through our days, cold wind blowing through
we were speaking our prayers for the keeping of you
Who said speak out or suffocate on slow-burning lies
I say we steer this wayward ship home till the last light dies


And nowhere is without rainfall, nowhere is without drought
nowhere is without madness, nowhere is without doubt
nowhere without cruelty, nowhere without war
nowhere without sunrise when the candle won't burn anymore
Resting in the dawn, waking to yourself
breath filling our lungs with the same air as everyone else's and
we'll find our way home
when we find out what we know


from Light Comes In, released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Ali Dineen Brooklyn, New York

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